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Joseph Kelley


Joseph Kelley, known as “Joe The Mortgage Giant,” transitioned from a 25-year hospitality career in 2018. As an Independent Mortgage Broker, he’s driven to guide clients through intricate mortgage selection, customizing loans to fit unique financial situations.

Joe’s unwavering commitment is making homeownership a reality for families. His approach, offering tailored counsel and exceptional service, supports clients throughout the homeownership journey. With the proper guidance and strategy, he believes homeownership is attainable.

Contact Joseph Kelley at or (916) 612-4294.
His diverse Loan Programs cater to various needs:

  • Conventional Loans: Flexible options for financing homes.

  • FHA Loans: Accessibility for first-time buyers and modest credit.

  • VA Loans: Privileges for veterans, including zero-down payments.

  • USDA Loans: Support for rural homeownership with attractive terms.

  • Jumbo Loans: Realize grand real estate visions.

  • First-Time Buyer Programs: Tailored guidance for novices.

  • Other Specialized Programs: Addressing unique needs.

Joe’s expertise derives from his hospitality background, where he understood unique guest needs. His shift embodies personalized care, and his contact details provide a direct path to this service.

In a digital age, Joe’s approach offers bespoke guidance, acknowledging each mortgage’s unique story. His commitment to homeownership transformation remains strong, backed by tailored loan programs and services.

Joseph Kelley’s journey to “Joe The Mortgage Giant” signifies dedication to accessible homeownership. With guidance and strategy, homeownership aspirations materialize. Joseph Kelley embodies expertise, care, and the drive to turn houses into cherished homes.

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